Improved regulations on updates, upgrades and Timberwolf Care

Updated on 28 August 2021

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We provide ongoing enhancements to existing features such as communication protocols and logic packages for the Timberwolf Server - beyond just updates.

We want you to be able to use the Timberwolf Server to integrate a wide variety of systems, so these enhancements also include support for third-party systems from other manufacturers. Because we want you to be able to use maximum freedom with the Timberwolf Server. We have to be able to finance such a development that serves other manufacturers. We ask for your understanding that although we provide updates free of charge, we have to ask for a small contribution for the provision of extension and upgrades from the third year onwards.


We have improved our offer. From 1 July 2020, it will no longer be compulsory to sign a maintenance contract. We will provide updates for the Timberwolf Server free of charge in perpetuity. Upgrades are also included free for two years from purchase. Only from the third year onwards would upgrades for new features cost a small contribution. Upgrades can also be purchased individually.

  • New! Updates for the Timberwolf Server are free of charge. Forever.

    From now on, updates to the Timberwolf Server system software are free of charge in perpetuity.
    This is an important contribution to the security and reliability of the Timberwolf Servers. All users can keep the Timberwolf Server up to date and secure at no cost. The uniform software status also simplifies support.
    This arrangement also applies to all previously delivered servers (after expiry of the previous Care contracts)
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  • New! Upgrades included for 24 months from delivery.

    Any upgrades to include new features provided as part of a major release for 24 months after purchase will be available to the customer free of charge in accordance with the device-specific licence scope. These upgrades are installed and automatically activated together with the free updates.

  • Single purchase of later appearing upgrades (without subscription).

    Later appearing upgrades can be purchased individually by the customer. It is not necessary to conclude a maintenance contract. Here, too, the following applies: Subsequent updates include all upgrades activated in the meantime free of charge in perpetuity.

  • New! Maintenance contract Timberwolf Care is voluntary.

    The previous obligation to conclude a Care contract when purchasing a Timberwolf server will no longer apply from 1 July 2020. We will continue to offer Timberwolf Care to users who would like extended support. Please simply contact us for this.


We have redesigned our maintenance contract offer "Timberwolf Care" for you. With improved provisions for updates and upgrades, the scope of service levels improves at a lower cost. The conclusion of Timberwolf Care is voluntary.

  • Timberwolf Care - Bronze

    Includes all upgrades during the term. Since upgrades for the first 24 months are already included in the purchase price, the price for this service level is significantly reduced. Upgrade extensions to 36 or 60 months are offered.

  • Timberwolf Care - Silver

    This level includes all Bronze benefits and also includes a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty* for the Timberwolf server including advance replacement in the event of a defect. In addition, this level includes access to Insider versions. Insider versions are pre-release versions of new features and updates. Terms of 36 or 60 months are offered.
    Note: Access to Insider versions also applies to older Care contracts from Bronze onwards, which were concluded by 30 June 2020.

  • Timberwolf Care - Gold

    This service level includes all services from "Silver" and additionally a preferred customer service. Problems with the use of the Timberwolf server for "Gold" customers are treated with priority. This includes telephone contact and support via maintenance VPN if necessary. If the cause of a malfunction is not in the sphere of the Timberwolf server, the effort for the unsuccessful fault clearance will be charged with a lump sum of 69.- EUR, independent of the actual time spent. This is limited to two incidents per contract year.

  • Timberwolf Care - Platinum

    This includes all features of all previous levels plus express support with a personal contact person. The customer receives direct support during business hours from a particularly competent contact person with a response time of four working hours. In the event of failure of important components, replacement takes place on the same day by same-day express (Germany / Austria / Switzerland). Terms of 36 or 60 months are offered.

  • Completion within 60 days

    The conclusion of Timberwolf Care is voluntary and can be done within 60 days after purchase of the Timberwolf server. Please contact us for this.

  • *Manufacturer's warranty: Our optionally purchasable additional warranty service from the Care Silver performance level consists exclusively of the fact that, in the event of a defect occurring in the functionality within the agreed warranty period, we will, at our discretion, carry out the free repair of the server or a free replacement delivery of a corresponding or similar and equivalent server. Costs, expenses, postage and the like incurred by the warranty claimant shall not be reimbursed. The warranty claim is only valid against presentation of the product. The warranty period corresponds to the Care contract period and from performance level Silver.

    Legal information in the event of a guarantee commitment in accordance with § 477 BGB: Quite independently of this extended full guarantee and of whether or not the guarantee described above is invoked in the event of a guarantee claim, the statutory rights in respect of defects shall apply without restriction. Therefore, at the buyer's own free choice, the legally regulated buyer's rights due to defects of the purchased item - in particular subsequent performance, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price or damages (see § 437 BGB and the corresponding special limitation regulations in § 438 BGB) - can be asserted against the seller in addition to or even without asserting the warranty claims.