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Powerful server for automation in smarthome, smartoffice, commercial and industrial applications. Administration with web APP. The easy linkability of the inputs and outputs as well as all data points, an easily configurable logic, powerful visualisation, data recording with graphic evaluation and worldwide secure access enable powerful automation of smart buildings. In addition, the server can be extended with your own software.

NEW! Now with up to 32 GB SSD for even more time series, bus recordings and own extensions.
NEW! Simultaneously 11 bus systems and protocols incl. bus and data monitors
NEW! Location and world coupling
NEW! Software updates free of charge for life
NEW! Upgrades for the Timberwolf Server 3500 released in the next 12 months are included free of charge

Availability: The XS / M models are available from stock. For the 3500L model, we expect availability from 7 November 2022 (subject to component supply), you will be able to pre-order again shortly.



  • Easy visualisation: Powerful visualisation with CometVisu and Grafana 8.3 - easy graphical configuration and use with any browser
  • Powerful logic: Graphical logic editor with simulation and graphical analysis for automation, 48 modules included, easily expandable
  • Interactive configuration with web APP: Easy configuration with graphical interface. No console necessary.
  • Eleven protocols: KNX-TP, KNXnet/IP tunneling, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus Gateway, 1-Wire, MQTT, HTTP-API, REST-API, ekey home, ekey multi. And soon even more.
  • Link everything: Regardless of input and output, bus system, protocol or technology - link virtually anything. Incl. auto-conversion
  • Data logging: Record bus traffic and data points and evaluate them graphically with one click.
  • Completely autarkic: The Timberwolf server works self-sufficiently, no internet connection required for functionality
  • Easily expandable: The server can be extended with further interfaces and own software
  • Security included: All data is encrypted, firmware updates keep the installation at a secure level



  • Home automation / Smart Home: Visualisation and control of flat, flat & home.
  • Temperature monitoring / logging: Precise 1-wire sensors allow cost-effective recording at many measuring points.
  • Ambient Assisted Living: Security, support, comfort and entertainment for a self-determined life.
  • Smart Office: Energy consumption optimisation, meeting room integration, light scene control, room monitoring
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Smart Garden: Soil moisture, temperature, humidity and irrigation
  • Livestock farming, stable technology: Temperature monitoring of drinking troughs, air humidity, air quality, ammonia
  • Kitchen technology: Sensor integration, M2M signalling, gateway home control to PLC, environmental control
  • Laboratory: Climatic cabinet and cold room monitoring, sensor logging
  • Civil engineering: Permanent control of ground icing for water protection
  • Structural engineering: Temperature development during hydration of massive concrete structures
  • Cement screed: Monitoring of floor screed heating, control of underfloor heating
  • Industry: Sensor integration, M2M signalling, gateway home control to PLC, environmental control.
  • Research: Protection of sensitive materials such as real wood furniture, parquet, art, showcases by monitoring environmental parameters
  • Education: Training and practice with many different bus systems and protocols incl. troubleshooting with bus monitors



Control your smart building via the visualisations and the logic engine of the Timberwolf server and analyse energy consumption and the temperature course of your heating to save intelligently.

You can connect all inputs and outputs and every data point to the visualisation and record the course of values. For the graphical analysis, use the web app and the "one-click calls" for which you do not need any prior knowledge. If you are an expert, you can also access it from your own applications via SQL.

Timberwolf servers are extendable by the user. This means that further solutions (e.g. OpenHAB, Node Red, io:Broker etc.) can be operated as containers on the Timberwolf Server.


CometVisu Logo
Visualisation with CometVisu

CometVisu for visualisation and control

CometVisu is an open source project for real-time visualisation in building automation and is pre-installed in the Timberwolf Server.


  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Graphical editor for creating the visualisation - Own customisations with CSS
  • Graphical management of multiple versions - own adaptations with CSS
  • Choose from many designs
  • Works on any device with current browser - No installation necessary
  • Control the building worldwide - via the included VPN
  • Multiple instances in parallel - The right Visu for each family member
  • Configuration of CometVisu included in Backup / Restore

Advantage for you

The CometVisu is a powerful visualisation that works on any end device with a current browser. This means that even a simple Android tablet can be used to display the visualisation.


Logo Logic Module

Logical linking for all data points

Another technical subsystem is the logic engine of the Timberwolf server for logical links, controls and calculations. This can be linked to ALL data points of any supported bus system and protocol as well as those of the internal modules (e.g. time series).


  • Simple: Setup, customisation and analysis with graphical logic manager.
  • Ready: 48 logic modules (binary logic, astro, maths, control, shading, time modules, lighting control, energy management).
  • Unlimited data points: No artificial limit to the maximum number of logics or data points.
  • Unlimited expansion: Any number of inputs for Boolean logics (thus 67-fold Or possible)
  • Unlimited control: Any number of lock objects and triggers (per logic cell)
  • Unlimited linking: Any linking of all inputs and outputs with any data point of any bus system or protocol
  • Start and trigger: Start values and trigger properties definable per input value
  • Timing elements: Switch-on and switch-off delays as well as send filters for output objects
  • Simple development: Free definition of own logic modules with simple description language
  • Simple conversion: Input and output modifiers (level converter, threshold switch, inverter)
  • Simple simulation: Coupling and uncoupling, pausing, simulation and value injection for testing
  • Easy debugging: Interactive debug mode for each logic cell incl. long-term recording with graphic analysis
  • Start correctly after power failure: Remanence & persistence can be activated for each logic cell (not only objects, also all internal states)
  • Without delay: The engine calculates about 10,000 logics per second
  • Extensible: Custom logics can be defined and exchanged via a simple JSON format. Many such "custom logics" are available in the forum.

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

Everything can be linked, no limitations with data points. Despite the many powerful functions, the logic engine of the Timberwolf server is easy to use. All settings can be adjusted during operation and are activated immediately, no restart is necessary, so changes and adjustments are implemented immediately and can be simulated and tested with the debug mode.


Zeitserien Logo mit Busmonitor

Record data points of any technology. With just a few clicks.

Energy saving, monitoring and troubleshooting require continuous recording of important data of technical installations, temperature and ambient values, as well as status and switching information of home automation.

Any data point of any supported bus system and protocol can be recorded. This recording is done with loss-free compression in the local InfluxDB, which can be accessed via SQL.

Analysis is possible with the data monitors of the web APP, the pre-installed analysis software Grafana, with CometVisu as well as via SQL from your own applications.

Advantage for you

Recording individual data points in time series is very easy. Simply click on the corresponding object in the web APP and add a new time series as a target. The recording starts immediately, no restart is needed.


Influxdb Logo SQL database for time series

InfluxDB for logging billions of records

For recording time series and logs, the server uses the locally installed Influx database:

Area of application

  • Time series: For recording the time course of the value of individual data points.
  • KNX Logging: For recording the data telegrams of all connected KNX-TP lines.
  • Logging logic analysis: Logging of those logic cells that are switched to debug mode.
  • Subsystem Logging: Automatic recording of the usage and errors of the respective protocol engines.

InfluxDB is characterised by a high - lossless - compression of the data records at high performance, so that billions of data records can be recorded in the server. Display with Comet Visu, with Grafana or the user's own applications via SQL.

Advantage for you

This database is pre-installed ready to use and is supported by ElabNET updates. The data is also part of the Timberwolf backup. You can record every data point in the Timberwolf server, this only takes a few clicks to set up.


GrafanaLabs Logo mit Tunneling Visualisation of your data with Grafana

Opulent visualisation with Grafana Dashboards

Grafana is an application for analysing data records. This visualisation can be configured with a graphical editor. Several analyses can be combined in dashboards and integrated into other visualisations.

Application area

  • Evaluation of time series: Graphical analysis of the records of the data points
  • Evaluation KNX logging: Graphical evaluation of KNX telegrams
  • Evaluation of usage statistics bus systems / logs: Graphical analysis of usage and error statistics
  • Evaluation of the records of the logic analysis: Graphical analysis of the logic levels (like oscilloscope)

Advantage for you

Grafana is pre-installed and maintained via Timberwolf updates. In the web APP of the Timberwolf server you will find ready-parameterised 1-click calls for all time series, KNX group addresses, interface statistics and for logic analysis. You do not need any previous knowledge.


Logo Docker

Simply extend server functions yourself with containers

You want more? You can easily extend the Timberwolf server. Docker and the graphical assistant "portainer.io" are pre-installed ex works. This is a very powerful tool and supports you in building and managing your containers.

However, we make it even easier for you with "Timberwolf APPs". These are ready-made pre-configured applications that are installed at the touch of a button.

  • Simply expand with Timberwolf APPs: Just press the button, the application will be installed automatically within minutes
  • Timberwolf APP "Comet Visu": The CometVisu is available as an APP. You can start as many instances as you like
  • Timberwolf APP "Edomi": From January 2021, we will provide Edomi for our 64 bit servers at the push of a button
  • Timberwolf APP "WireGate Plugins": To run plugins that were previously made available on the WireGate server, this provides a runtime environment.
  • Installing your own containers: With the graphical assistant "portainer" you can start your own software as a container on the Timberwolf server.

The Timberwolf server offers many more resources than needed for your own functions. Therefore you can extend the server with your own applications. We provide you with frequently used applications as "Timberwolf APP" so that you can start right away. The scope will be extended continuously.

Advantage for you

The Timberwolf Server can do much more, because you can also use the Timberwolf Server for other software. The configuration of the APPs is included in the Timberwolf Server backup. This makes a restore very easy.




The Timberwolf server currently supports 11 bus systems / protocols natively.

For each technology, specific function modules are available for setup and administration, including bus or data monitors. The full address range is supported in each case, parallel universes are possible for many protocols and overall there are no artificial restrictions on the supported data points or links.

This support for bus systems / protocols is designed generically, i.e. you can easily adapt the Timberwolf Server - supported by graphic assistants - to your devices and systems.

KNX Logo KNX-TP Stack - 8,000 objects

KNX Stack for 8.000 objects & 65.000 GA

The KNX Stack has been certified by an accredited laboratory of the KNX Association. It is one of the most powerful KNX stacks on the world market with 32 / 64 bit, supports 8,000 universal objects at 65,536 associations with group addresses.

For the configuration of the Timberwolf Server you need the ETS 5 or newer. Currently, 2,000 KNX objects can be programmed with ETS 5. We are working with the KNX Association to expand the capabilities of the ETS to 8,000 KNX objects with 65,536 associated group addresses.

This Timberwolf server contains a KNX-TP interface based on the certified KNX chip "TP-UART 2+" from Infineon. Further KNX bus couplers for additional logging of further lines can be connected to the server.

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

The Timberwolf Server comes with one of the most powerful KNX stacks on the market. The design as universal objects allows you maximum flexibility. You can connect these KNX objects to any data point in the Timberwolf Server, regardless of technology / protocol.


KNX Logo mit Tunneling

25 simultaneous KNXnet/IP tunnels

This Timberwolf Server represents a KNX IP interface with 25 simultaneous tunnel connections.

Range of application

  • Programming connections: for programming on the TP bus through ETS
  • Bus monitor connections: for the bus monitor of the ETS
  • Client tunnel for use by visualisations such as CometVisu (pre-installed), KNXpresso, OpenHAB, io:Broker, Edomi, Node Red, Home Assistant, WireGate Plugin Container

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

With the Timberwolf server you can save the purchase of the IP interface (or a USB interface). The 25 simultaneous tunnels are sufficient for any application. A default tunnel is always available for commissioning, so that you can start immediately with the ETS.

KNX Logo mit Busmonitor

Record and evaluate up to 1 billion KNX telegrams

Depending on the available memory capacity, between 100 million and 1 billion KNX telegrams are recorded in a ring buffer.

In addition to the real-time display, the included KNX bus monitor can also filter from this log as desired according to date, time, group addresses, physical addresses, etc.. Several filters can be combined.

Preconfigured calls are available for analysis with Grafana, which can be adapted as desired. Own applications can access this log via SQL.

Further information   Links

Advantage for you: This recording activates automatically, the ring buffer is managed automatically. You do not have to set anything up.

Modbus Logo Integrating Modbus devices

Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP / Modbus Gateway

The Timberwolf server supports three protocol versions:

  • Modbus TCP via Ethernet as the controlling client (formerly called "Master")
  • Modbus RTU via RS-485 as the controlling client (formerly called "Master")
  • Modbus TCP Gateway on RTU via Ethernet as the controlling client with conversion to Modbus RTU

The built-in RS-485 interface can be used for Modbus RTU. The Dual Modbus Extension is available for other Modbus RTU bus systems. Several extensions are possible.

No limitation of data points. All binary data formats are supported. The values can be checked against limits and converted with free formulas as well as converted into other data types.

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

No limits, three protocols, any instances. Use of predefined device profiles allows the integration of a Modbus device in minutes (see the video).

MQTT Logo Integrate systems via MQTT

Connect MQTT devices via any number of brokers

MQTT in the Timberwolf Server allows - like KNX - event-based symmetrical communication with high transmission performance (via IP networks). This allows, among other things, the coupling of thousands of Timberwolf servers with each other, also encrypted via the internet.

Within the framework of the system resources and the available bandwidth, any number of MQTT objects can be created and internally linked with any other object of other technologies. There are practically no limits.

All common data formats are supported. A data monitor, histograms and error displays support the setup of new MQTT devices and troubleshooting.

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

Communicate easily with MQTT devices, connect Timberwolf Server with each other, collect data centrally. MQTT has practically no limits and Timberwolf Server has no artificial limits.

1-Wire Logo Inexpensive sensors and actuators


The Timberwolf Server 3500 is equipped with extensive support for 1-Wire.

  • Busmaster included: One channel (up to 40 slaves) is integrated in the server
  • Expandable: Additional channels with Professional Busmaster or Maxim Busmaster DS9490R.
  • Plug'n'Play: ElabNET sensors and actuators are automatically detected and integrated.

Advantage for you

All our sensors and actuators are automatically recognised. Simply connect and use. No other technology makes it cheaper or easier.

Rest-API Logo Control and query devices and servers with HTTP-/REST-API


The Timberwolf Server enables easy integration of devices and servers that provide functions via HTTP/REST API by supporting all common protocol variants and data formats with a wide range of configuration options and extensive diagnostic support.

The number of supported data points or the number of addressable servers and devices is not artificially limited. All common data formats are supported. The values can be linked as desired with the objects of other supported technologies.

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

HTTP-/REST-API is widely used and can be used to control a large number of devices and systems. The setup via graphical wizards is particularly easy.

ekey Logo

ekey fingerprint readers / keypads / RFID

With one million satisfied customers, ekey is Europe's No. 1 for fingerprint access solutions. People should only need themselves to gain access. RFID or numeric codes can also be used. With the Timberwolf server, you can also combine these three methods for access clearance.


  • ekey home" protocol The "ekey home" ekey identification system supports ONE finger scanner with up to 99 fingerprints.
  • ekey multi" protocol The "ekey multi" ekey identification system supports up to four finger scanners, code keypads or RFID scanners with a total of 99 fingerprints or 99 codes or 99 RFIDs per ekey central unit.
  • Ten ekey systems at the same time: You can connect ten ekey systems at the same time (also mixed). A total of 40 fingerprint scanners, RFID readers and code keypads can be connected to the Timberwolf server.
  • ekey event manager: With the graphical ekey event manager in the Timberwolf Server WebAPP, you can create evaluation rules with a simple click.
  • ekey bus monitor: The ekey bus monitor is available in the Timberwolf Server WebAPP for function checks and quick diagnostics.

Advantage for you

The intelligent use of a building begins at the front door. Simply open your doors with your finger. By connecting ekey and Timberwolf Server, your smart home knows when which person unlocks which door with which finger (or code or RFID). How about the shutters going up and your favourite music playing when you come home?



Setup and administration are designed to be as simple as possible. Practically all settings (exception: KNX objects via ETS) are administered with the Timberwolf Server web APP.


Timberwolf Server mit allen Endgeräten nutzbar

Can be operated with all end devices

The web APP works on all end devices with a current browser and installs itself automatically with the first connection. Communication takes place efficiently with http/2 and is encrypted with SSL/TLS.

All changes to the configuration are activated immediately. You do not have to transfer anything or restart anything.

Advantage for you

For the administration, you simply use the terminal device you already own. You do not have to pay attention to an operating system or architecture. You never see a text console and do not need to have any system knowledge. Operation is as simple as that of a modern smartphone.

Web-APP in mehreren Sprachen Web APP in several languages

Switch easily between languages

The Web-APP can be operated in German, English and French. Switching is done via the flag symbol without restarting.

The server can be operated in parallel via simultaneously opened web APPs, each in a different language.

Advantage for you

All languages are pre-installed, you only have to click on your respective language in the Web-APP.


Einfache Bedienung

Easy to use

The modern user interface facilitates operation. Set-up is done via graphical wizards, superimposed info texts allow you to get started quickly. The help system connects you to the right article in the Wiki at the touch of a button.

Advantage for you

You do not have to enter cryptic commands on a console. A graphical user interface is available for all functions, making every step as simple as possible. Warnings and errors are automatically displayed. Many feedbacks and displays give you a clear picture of the state of the server and the communication with the connected devices.

Plug´n´Play mit Timberwolf Server Extensions and 1-Wire sensors are automatically recognised and integrated.

Plug & Play

Simple operation also means as automatic as possible. All extensions and our 1-Wire devices are automatically recognised and integrated.

Advantage for you

Plug in and use. It couldn't be simpler.

Updates für Timberwolf Server Updates at the touch of a button

Updates & Upgrades at the touch of a button

Firmware updates and upgrades are easy to install: Just press the "Update" button, a restart is almost never necessary.

Further information & Links

Advantage for you

Always up to date and as simple as possible, just press "Update" and wait a little.

Backup & Restore Timberwolf Server

Data backup included

The system software of the Timberwolf server contains a module for backup and data restoration. Simply request a backup and the backup will be written to the specified destination. Restoring is also easy, select backup and wait a few minutes.

Advantage for you

Everything is prepared. You don't have to worry about your data and settings, just make a backup after major changes. You can also download the backup from the server and keep it.

Rücksetzen auf Auslieferzustand

Reset to state at delivery

You can reset the Timberwolf server to the state it was in when it left the factory. This will replace the entire (encrypted) system partition.

Advantage for you

Easy reboot of the system. Ideal for training courses when you want to reboot or when passing on the server.

Zeitsynchronisierung Timberwolf Server Synchronisation of date and time

Time synchronisation with NTP & KNX

Date and time are important values, after all the Timberwolf server records a lot of data and logics with timers depend on it. The server is already synchronised with the correct time at the factory and contains a buffered real-time clock. For optimal accuracy, regular synchronisation is recommended and can be done in the following ways:

Variants of synchronisation:

  • Manually Via the web app
  • Via NTP to a time source (on the Internet or an internal time server in the LAN)
  • Via KNX e.g. by a weather station with DCF77 or GPS (parameterisation with ETS)

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

The server tries to synchronise itself automatically via NTP from the first time it is switched on. In addition, it checks its own time with that of your end device every time you connect to your browser. You would recognise deviations immediately. Normally you don't have to worry about anything, if you want you can adjust the synchronisation.



Remote access and location coupling

With the Timberwolf Server you can access your installation remotely in an encrypted and securely authenticated way. The options shown below are available for this purpose.

Several options are available for remote access and authentication.

OpenVPN Logo Worldwide via VPN

Connect worldwide with OpenVPN - from any device

The Timberwolf server is equipped with a hardened OpenVPN server. This allows any number of VPN connections to be accepted simultaneously. This allows remote access to the server and - with suitable settings - also to the entire local network.

KNX programming with the ETS is also possible via this customer VPN, secured and encrypted.

Advantage for you

Everything is already installed. You can download the settings for the VPN clients ready parameterised and use them with any OpenVPN client (available for all operating systems).


Icon Reverse Proxy

Secure access with HTTPS Reverse Proxy

In addition, Timberwolf servers are equipped with a reverse proxy. This enables secure access to resources that are actually unprotected (e.g. web pages of local heating controls that do not have authentication / encryption themselves). The reverse proxy acts as a "reverse firewall" between the user's browser and the previously unprotected resources in the network (or local Docker containers).

Advantage for you

The reverse proxy is also installed ex works. This makes it easy to protect config pages of other devices. The setup is done via the web APP.


Logo Standort Kopplung

Couple any number of sites worldwide

The Timberwolf server supports world coupling for all supported bus systems and protocols (as well as logic, time series, etc.). This means that any data point can be linked to any number of other Timberwolf servers and their data points.

This coupling is transparent and behaves in the respective server as if the coupled data points were their own local data points. With sufficient bandwidth, practically no delays are noticeable. Setting up such a coupling takes only a few minutes.

Area of application

  • Networking: Interconnecting several Timberwolf servers (e.g. large installations).
  • Location coupling: Control and visualise across multiple buildings
  • Collecting data: Collect data from several locations in one place

Further information   Links

Advantage for you

Everything ready installed. The setup is simple and scalable as desired.

Logo Elab ID

Overlapping logon to many servers

The Elab ID is an additional login account that can be created in the Timberwolf Cloud. The Elab ID and the Cloud are NOT required to operate the Timberwolf servers. This login account can optionally be used for future services as well as for logging in to multiple servers.

Area of use

  • Global login account: The Elab ID is an optional login account that can be used globally to log in to multiple Timberwolf servers. This allows users of multiple Timberwolf servers as well as integrators to log in with one account on multiple servers. Such login accounts are synchronised on all Timberwolf Servers associated with them.
  • Use for cloud functions: For future cloud functions, such as IFTTT, an Elab ID can be used for authentication during connection setup. This means that the connection from IFTTT is only made to the Timberwolf Cloud, thus avoiding direct access to the local Timberwolf server and protecting it.

The use of the Elab ID must be enabled in the privacy settings.

Advantage for you

You can log in to several Timberwolf servers with the same account and you can use a log-in account independent of the server for authentication from external cloud services (without revealing the connection to your local Timberwolf server).




Smarthome mit Konnektivität Many interfaces for optimal connectivity

Extensive connectivity

The Timberwolf Server 3500 provides you with 10 interfaces:

  • 1 x Gigabit LAN: 10 / 100 / 1000 MBit/s
  • 1 x KNX TP: KNX twisted pair rt/sw
  • 1 x RS-485: for Modbus RTU
  • 1 x RS-232: for serial communication (future use)
  • 1 x 1-Wire: Bus master with one channel, up to 40 slaves
  • 4 x Input (S0): Four inputs (S0) for counters and inputs (usable from firmware V 4, spring 2022)
  • 1 x USB 2.0: Host interface for extensions

Description of the connections in the Timberwolf Wiki: https://wiki.timberwolf.io/3500

Advantage for you

These interfaces allow you a good integration into your smart building. 11 native protocols are available in parallel via this. Bus and data monitors support the implementation.


Mann mit grünem Stecker Full power at 4 watts

Powerful with low energy consumption

  • Main processor: 4 cores, 64-bit ARM Cortex A-72 at 1,500 MHz each.
  • Co-processor KNX: for optimal real-time behaviour
  • Crypto processor: for key generation Mass storage (eMMC SSD)
  • Main memory: 2 / 4 / 8 GB RAM - according to version
  • Mass storage: 16 / 32 GB eMMC SSD - according to version
  • Remanence memory: 4 MBit ExtremeFlash with 100 trillion write cycles (10^14) at 150 years data retention time - according to version.

Advantage for you

High performance, lots of memory, high interface density with low power consumption on only 6HP.

Bild mit Kühlkörper CPU & SSD heat sink

Robust system design

Designed for robust and reliable operation. Main processor, RAM and SSD are equipped with a heat sink. This increases the lifetime by 200%.

Advantage for you

Maximum durability and regular updates allow many years of use.

Erweiterbarkeit Timberwolf Server

Expandability with additional interfaces

The Timberwolf server can be easily expanded:

  • KNX bus coupler: KNX telegram logging on additional TP lines
  • 1-Wire PBM: Professional bus master for three additional 1-Wire channels each
  • Modbus Extension: Two additional Modbus RTU channels (RS-485)

Advantage for you

Each extension is automatically recognised and integrated.



Further Information, Manual & Support

The Timberwolf server is designed for ease of use and already displays hints and help texts with recommended actions in the web APP.

The function modules are connected to the online wiki via a context-sensitive help button, so that you are immediately guided to the right topic.

In addition, we provide you with our own support forum, where you will usually receive a targeted answer within hours. In our YouTube channel you will find detailed instruction videos on many topics. You can be informed about new features via our Telegram channels if you don't want to miss anything.

Kontakt Logo Info, Forum & Support

Important links to our information channels

More information & Links




Matthias Kleine from the haus-automatisierung.com channel has introduced the new Timberwolf Server 3500 (together with the 950Q model) in the following video.

The presentation gives an overview of the many capabilities of the latest generation Timberwolf Server. Take a look, it's worth it.




The Timberwolf Server offers many features and application scenarios. Our specialists are at your disposal for a detailed consultation.

ElabNET Berater

Appointment booking: Please arrange a consultation appointment with us via the booking form at https://elabnet.de/advice/.

Please let us know which topics you are particularly interested in so that we can select the right contact person for you. We look forward to discussing your requirements with you. Of course, the consultation is free of charge.


System hardware specification

  • Board: Timberwolf 35xx Series by ElabNET
  • Main processor: 64-bit ARM Cortex-A72 with 4 cores of 1.5 GHz each (Broadcom BCM2711, architecture ARMv8-A), 1 MB L2 cache.
  • HW watchdog: integrated in the chipset
  • Co-processor KNX: Co-processor for KNXnet/IP tunneling for 25 simultaneous tunnels
  • Crypto processor: CoProcessor for key generation Full encryption Mass storage (eMMC SSD)
  • Main memory: 2 / 4 / 8 GB RAM - according to version (see scope of delivery).
  • Mass storage: 16 / 32 GB eMMC SSD - according to version (see scope of delivery) - System partition encrypted.
  • Remanence memory: 4 MBit ExtremeFlash with 100 trillion write cycles (10^14) at 150 years data retention time - according to version (see scope of delivery).


Operating elements   Displays

  • Push-button PWR: for shutdown / switch off
  • LED PWR: for display of the power supply of the CPU
  • Push-button KNX: as programming push-button (also available virtually via Web APP)
  • LED KNX (bicolour): for display of bus telegrams and programming mode
  • LED RUN (bicolour): for displaying the operational readiness of the system software


  • LAN: 10 / 100 / 1000 MBit/s (full duplex with autonegotiation)
  • KNX TP 256: KNX twisted pair connection with WAGO MICRO rt/sw
  • RS-485: for use with Modbus RTU up to 115,000 baud, up to 1200 m
  • RS-232: for serial communication (future use)
  • 1-Wire: Integrated standard bus master, recommended use up to 40 slaves
  • USB 2.0: Host interface for extensions
  • 4x input (S0): 4 - 48 V each, galvanically isolated (also among each other)


Operating range / power supply

  • Protection class (according to EN 60529): IP 20
  • Operating temperature: 0°C - 50°C
  • Humidity: 98% rH (without condensation)
  • Power supply: 12 - 24 V DC
  • Power consumption: 2 - 4 W
  • Energy consumption: approx. 22 kWh per year (approx. 6.- EUR operating costs per year)


  • Construction: REG housing, width 6 TE
  • Housing material: Polyamide
  • Colour: grey grey
  • Printing: Laser


  • Installation: For mounting in electrical distribution boards on top-hat rail (DIN Rail 35 mm according to EN 50022).
  • Installation location: Intended for permanent installation in closed, dry rooms, flats, offices and business premises for permanent connection to building system technology.


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