Timberwolf Server 950Q incl. 16GB microSD


Timberwolf Server 950Q incl. 16GB microSD

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Innovative and powerful multi-bus server for mounting in the distribution. Ten local interfaces allow multidirectional integration of several bus systems, arbitrary links, extensive visualisation, expandable logic, detailed data logging, graphic analysis, telegram recording and remote access via OpenVPN. Customer extensions with extensions and apps.

NEW!  Updates of the software free of charge for life
NEW!  All upgrades included for 24 months
NEW!  Roadmap Guarantee. All future features announced in the roadmap for 24 months also included

NEW!  Timberwolf Care contract no longer obligatory with immediate effect

You can read all details about the new regulation here: Information on Timberwolf Care from 1 July 2020.


  • Home automation / Smart Home: Visualisation and control of flat, flat & home.
  • Ambient Assisted Living: Security, support, comfort and entertainment for a self-determined life.
  • Smart Office: Energy consumption optimisation, meeting room integration, light scene control, room monitoring.
  • Agriculture, Horticulture, Smart Garden: Soil moisture, temperature, humidity and irrigation
  • Livestock farming, stable technology: Temperature monitoring drinking trough, air humidity, air quality, ammonia, lighting
  • Kitchen technology: Sensor integration, M2M signalling, gateway home control to PLC, environmental control
  • Laboratory: Climate cabinet and cold room monitoring, sensor logging
  • Civil engineering: Permanent control of ground icing for water protection
  • Structural engineering: Temperature development during hydration of massive concrete structures
  • Cement screed: Monitoring of floor covering heating, control of underfloor heating
  • Industry: Sensor integration, M2M signalling, gateway house control to PLC, environmental control
  • Research: Protection of sensitive materials such as real wood furniture, parquet, art, showcases
  • Education: Protection of high-quality tools as well as in food and electronics production



The Timberwolf Server 950Q is a very compact yet powerful server for home automation in the Smarthome / Smartoffice. It is suitable for installation on the top-hat rail and has 10 interfaces with several different bus systems. Additional interfaces are connected via USB / CAN. For the connection of bus systems, a KNX-TP interface, a CAN bus interface, two RS485 interfaces, an RS232 interface and a 1-Wire Professional bus master for up to 3 channels with 80 slaves each are integrated. In addition, Ethernet, USB, Micro-SD and power supply connections are available. The Timberwolf server is very compact with a width of only 6 HP. The high computing power from 4 cores with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash enables a revolutionary simple operation and a pleasant administration experience.


For external extensions, further KNX interfaces, 1-Wire Professional bus masters and, from winter 2020 / 2021, RS-485 masters and DMX masters will be available. Connectivity is being continuously expanded.

All data telegrams of the bus systems can be linked and recorded almost arbitrarily with just a few clicks. The Timberwolf Server is a multi-bus gateway with multi-directional linking. In addition, bus monitors, extensive data recording, bus loggers, graphic evaluations, visualisations, logic modules for powerful links and Docker for any extensions by the customer are available for all important protocols. Furthermore, IP protocols are supported. The software is completely pre-installed, the server is immediately ready for operation when unpacked. Available updates are displayed at the touch of a button and can be installed at the touch of another button. Except for operating system updates, no restart is necessary. Updates can be carried out during operation.

The server works completely autonomously without the Internet. All data is stored locally and fully encrypted.


The server is based on an ARMv7 platform with 4 cores ARM Cortex A9 at 800 MHz each and 2 GB RAM. The mass storage is connected via eMMC and has a capacity of 16 GB pSLC. The server is thus about 20 times more powerful than the previous WireGate server, with lower energy consumption. We use Debian Linux (Stretch) as the operating system together with a kernel for which long-term support is granted until 2022. Updates are available at the push of a button (an internet connection is temporarily required for this).

Keyboard and screen are not required, you do not need to install anything. The configuration is done via a modern user interface that is integrated in the server. Calling it up in the browser of any end device is sufficient for this. Changes made to the configuration via this interface take effect immediately. This means that there is no need to transfer from a client and no need to restart the system to make changes. The operating concept is revolutionarily simple and based on the intuitive use of smartphones. The pleasant graphical user interface informs you about the current status and enables simple, graphically supported configuration. Extensive information texts are available in the server. You do not need any special computer knowledge. We want you to have fun with the server, not frustration.

A powerful plug'n'play supports you optimally during commissioning. All components from our company are automatically recognised, integrated and started.

All our products are designed and built for many years of use. Due to the low energy consumption, little heat is generated. With the Timberwolf Server 950Q, we reckon with an average service life of at least 15 to 20 years at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. To ensure that you can use the Timberwolf Server for as long as possible, we provide updates for compatibility with external systems.


Efficient hardware

The Timberwolf Server 950Q with its four processor cores of 800 MHz each, 2 GB main memory and the 16 GB pSLC eMMC Flash has about 20 times the performance of the WireGate Server. Despite this, the server only requires around 2 to 4 W during normal use.

Robust system design

Very robust system designed for reliable, long-term operation. Use of SSD memory (pSLC Nand Flash) with very high endurance. The configuration and large amounts of data (Influx-DB) are backed up or stored on an industrial grade backup SD card (pSLC) in the unit. In addition, configuration and data can be backed up to an external data carrier (USB, SAMBA, NFS).
The software is modular and exchanges data via a defined API. This means that individual modules can be extended and replaced if necessary without affecting other parts. This allows for very good maintainability of the software over years. Problems with individual modules remain isolated and have no or only limited effect on other modules. This increases the stability of the overall system considerably. By splitting them up into individual tasks, multi-processor architectures are efficiently supported, nothing can block each other.

Can be operated from all devices with a browser

The Timberwolf server is operated or administered exclusively via a browser. All reasonably new devices with all operating systems can be used as clients, as long as the browser supports HTML 5.0 and JavaScript. The communication is fully encrypted with SSL/TLS and extremely efficient with http/2. A sufficient display is achieved from 7 inches with good resolution, optimal, especially for the table displays, are screens with diagonals of 13 inches or more. Some functions can also be used with a good smartphone (partly in landscape format).
All changes to the configuration take effect immediately. This means you do not need a computer with Windows, you do not have to install a configuration programme on it and you do not have to transfer a change to the server and then restart it. If you have only known the latter so far, the difference is brutal. Click and you're done. Everything is automatically saved and your changes are integrated instantly.

Greatly simplified usability

The modern user interface greatly simplifies operation. Warnings and errors are displayed as needed. Many feedbacks and displays give you a clear picture of the state of the server. Unimportant things remain hidden until you press on them to get details. We have made the operation so simple that it could hardly be better. The model for this was the operation of smartphones.

Plug & Play

Simple operation also means as automatic as possible. Almost all of our offered hardware, i.e. pluggable interfaces and our 1-Wire devices, are automatically recognised and automatically pre-configured after plugging in. When you connect a new 1-Wire sensor, it is automatically integrated and data recording starts by itself. You do not even have to log in. This even works if you first connect an unknown bus master and then new sensors. Only if you want to send the data on, e.g. to KNX, ModBus or other systems, do you have to create a rule in the 1-Wire device editor. However, this is very easy and takes no more than a minute.

Updates / Upgrades

Updates and upgrades are extremely easy to install: Just press the "Update" button. You don't have to download anything in advance, you don't need a special programme and you don't have to read any instructions. All updates install themselves fully automatically. All settings and configurations are retained. It is just as easy as you are used to from Windows or your smartphone, but in most cases no restart is required. Only in the case of kernel updates is a restart recommended for activation. Sometime - when it suits you.

Arbitrary extensions with Docker

You want more? Then build your containers with portainer.io. You get this pre-installed, it supports you in building and managing your containers and administration. This is a very powerful tool and makes managing Docker very easy. Still, you will have to learn a bit here, so we call this an expert feature.

WireGate plugins in a runtime environment on the Timberwolf server.

If you still have a WireGate server, you are welcome to continue using the plugins you have used there so far when switching to the Timberwolf server, if this is necessary. For this purpose we provide you with a runtime environment as a container, which is already pre-installed and only needs to be activated with the press of a button. You can also start several instances of it. This runtime environment contains everything needed to use the plug-ins, including a slimmed-down wiregated.pl. The only restriction is that 1-wire sensors can no longer be accessed directly.

We assume that these are only necessary for a short transition period, after all we want you to use the logic functions in the Timberwolf server. Plugins are expert functions, here you need to know PERL very well. This functionality is intended to help you migrate from the WireGate Server to the Timberwolf Server.

Extensive support for 1-Wire

The Timberwolf Server 950Q is equipped with an extremely extensive support for 1-Wire. A Professional Busmaster is already integrated in the server. In the basic configuration, 1 channel with up to 40 slaves is enabled on this bus master. All 3 channels with up to 80 slaves each (or unlimited) can be activated. The software licence includes support for up to 6 channels with a total of 250 1-Wire devices (1 device is a functional unit that can contain several slaves). All bus masters and 1-Wire devices from our company are automatically recognised and integrated with ElabNET Plug'n'Play. For details, please refer to the catalogue.

KNX stack with 8000 objects

The Timberwolf Server 950Q supports up to 8000 KNX objects with 65,536 KNX GA associations. Unfortunately, ETS cannot quite keep up with this yet.

ETS 4.0: Support for 500 objects
ETS 5.7.4: Support for 2000 objects

The Timberwolf Server 950Q already contains the necessary KNX-TP interface for a local connection. Up to two additional interfaces can be connected externally.

KNX bus monitor / logging

The Timberwolf Server 950Q carries out a permanent logging of all KNX bus telegrams. Up to 100 million telegrams are recorded in a ring buffer. In the pre-installed bus monitor (via browser) you can filter by date, time, group addresses, physical addresses. Several such filters can be set up in parallel and used in any combination. Each filter can be assigned a separate colour. The corresponding telegrams are then marked in this colour.

Timberwolf Server as KNX Interface for ETS

The Timberwolf Server 950Q already contains a KNX-TP interface. As soon as you connect a running KNX-TP bus to it and the server to Ethernet and a power supply, you can - without any further setup or programming - already use the server as a KNXnet/IP tunneling interface ("IP interface"). Straight out of the box. This tunnel interface is automatically displayed in the ETS. You then assign the physical address of further tunnel interfaces in the ETS. This supports up to 25 simultaneous tunnels. In the administration interface, which can be accessed via browser, you get a list of all active connections with IP addresses of the clients using the tunnel and the assigned PA. In addition, you can view a log of all connections established and terminated.

For the configuration of the Timberwolf server you can use ETS 4 or newer. For maximum support we recommend ETS 5.

ETS Inside for easy configuration of KNX

As of versionn 1.5, ETS Inside can be started by pressing a button (as an APP). This installs the demo version. For full licensing, please contact the KNX Association. Simply insert the licence dongle of the KNX Assoc. into the Timberwolf Server.
With the ETS Inside you can configure the Timberwolf Server and further 254 devices. Simply only with a smartphone / tablet / PC with the ETS Inside app.

Of course, you can also use ETS 4 or newer for Windows to configure the Timberwolf Server. For full functionality we recommend ETS 5

Recording time series and creating diagrams with Grafana

As soon as you connect a 1-Wire sensor, it is automatically recorded by the Plug'n'Play system. All important data supplied by this sensor are automatically recorded from this moment on. You do not have to log in or set anything, it happens automatically (but can be switched off for the future). You can access these recordings with several tools. One of them is SQL with Grafana. Grafana is pre-installed and pre-configured locally on the server. Once settings have been made in Grafana for graphical analysis, they can be easily saved and accessed via URL from anywhere in the network. All representations can also be integrated in Visu etc.. You can also access the data storage with other tools via SQL.
In future versions it will also be possible to record the objects and variables of other bus systems, e.g. KNX, Modbus, etc. Please consult the manual for each version.

Visu with the CometVisu:

The CometVisu is included and pre-installed in the Timberwolf Server. You can activate as many instances as you like in the APP centre at the touch of a button. With the CometVisu, 2D and 3D visualisations can easily be put together to enable the user to control and visualise the SmartHome / SmartOffice.

Logic Engine and Logic Editor:

Part of the scope of delivery is a particularly powerful logic engine including an easy-to-use online logic editor. For further details please consult the catalogue. The Timberwolf Server 950Q supports up to 1,000 logic points.

Remote access to the Timberwolf Server:

There are several options for remote access to the Timberwolf Server available to the customer. Please read the corresponding chapter in the catalogue.

Setting up / using the expert functions requires advanced network, programming and Linux knowledge. The ElabNET Service and Support Centre will be happy to support you for a fee in setting up the special configurations that are possible with this.



Our servers are available in two model series and several versions. The main differences are shown below, for details please consult the respective item description.

We are also at your disposal for a detailed consultation. In order for us to be able to take all the time we need for you, please arrange an appointment with us. You are also welcome to make an appointment with us outside of business hours, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Server for the top-hat rail" model series

Our automation servers for top-hat rail mounting are characterised by a particularly high power and interface density.

Performance: All versions offer the same performance, each have four powerful 32-bit processor cores incl. four floating point units with 800 MHz each, are equipped with 2 GB RAM and can store data on 16 GB pSLC flash with an outstanding endurance of approx. 480 TBW. This is sufficient for recording approx. 1.2 billion data records for bus loggers and time series. In addition, three co-processors for KNX, 1-Wire, DMX and two crypto-processors are integrated for optimal real-time behaviour.

Platform & expandability: The hardware of the three models comes from the same platform, the differences are only in the number of interfaces or their activation. Each of the Timberwolf servers can be extended in the same way with all available extensions (further KNX-TP interfaces, from winter 2020/2021 also Modbus Master and DMX Master) via USB.

Professional bus master: All versions include a 1-Wire Professional Busmaster with basic activation for one channel with 40 slaves. The activation of the integrated Professional Busmaster can be extended in eight steps. The necessary product keys for further activations can be purchased from us - also subsequently (please refer to the article description "Product key extension Timberwolf Server / Professional Busmaster" which is linked below in the "Article list"). 


  • Timberwolf Server 350Q: This server is based on the same hardware as the Timberwolf Server 950Q. Only the serial interfaces (CAN, RS-232 and the two RS-485) are not activated in the Timberwolf Server 350Q. Later activation to the full scope of the Timberwolf Server 950Q will be possible.
  • Timberwolf Server 950Q: Both the 350Q and 950Q versions are based on the same hardware. With the 950Q version all serial interfaces are activated.
  • Timberwolf Server 960Q: This version corresponds to the Timberwolf Server 950Q, but is additionally equipped with digital SP/DIF audio out and WLAN.

Model range "Server in desktop format

The description for this will be made available shortly.






  • KNX-TP interface: Certified third generation KNX-TP chip from Infineon. Optimal utilisation of the bus bandwidth up to 49 packets per second. Galvanically isolated (4 kV) & Overvoltage protection (30 kV).
  • KNX-TP stack: Certified KNX-TP stack with up to 8,000 universal objects (KO) that can be associated with up to 65536 group addresses in the ETS. Parameterisation with ETS (recommendation from 5.7.4)
  • KNXnet/IP 25-fold tunneling: Certified integrated KNXnet/IP tunneling interface for 25 simultaneous tunnel connections, display of the individual connection partners.
  • KNX bus monitor connection for ETS: Support for any number of bus monitor connections. As "virtual bus monitor" as well as "real bus monitor".
  • KNX timer: Time server for the KNX bus with 3-day power reserve in case of power failure, synchronisation via NTP.
  • KNX time client: Time client for synchronisation by KNX with 3-day power reserve in case of power failure
  • KNX TP telegram rate limitation: For compatibility with older line couplers, the bus rate can be limited
  • KNX diagnosis: Diagnosis of the KNX interface and parameterisation via modern encrypted web interface (supports all end devices with browser)
  • KNX logging active line: Local recording of up to 100 million bus telegrams in an encrypted database of the KNX line on which the device application is bound.
  • KNX logging of passive lines: Recording of bus telegrams of other lines for maximum diagnosis via optionally connectable KNX extension.
  • KNX statistics: Graphical interactive statistics Bus traffic of all connected lines according to Top PA, Top GA, Top communication pairs, telegram rate, etc. over up to 100 million telegrams
  • KNX bus monitor: Bus monitor via web interface. Arbitrary filtering, evaluation and decoding of telegrams in real time or for recorded telegrams.
  • KNX ETS project import: Import of the ETS project for decoding in Busmonitor and extended functions. Support for password-encrypted ETS projects. Extensive analysis of the imported project for consistency of data point types in objects and group addresses.
  • KNX ETS project storage & backup: Storage for 25 ETS projects in encrypted mass storage plus inclusion in local encrypted backup.
  • KNX PA Editor: List display of all PAs of the KNX project, filtering and grouping for better overview and evaluation in web interface
  • KNX GA Editor: List display of the GAs of the KNX project, filtering and grouping for better overview and evaluation in web interface
  • ETS Inside: ETS Inside is pre-installed and can be activated at the touch of a button. You will then need an ETS dongle and a licence from the KNX Association. The ETS dongle can be plugged into the USB port and is automatically recognised.


  • 1-Wire Professional Busmaster: A 1-Wire Professional Busmaster is integrated in this Timberwolf server. The scope of delivery includes a basic activation for channel 1 with a use of up to 40 slaves. The activation can be extended in 8 steps or to "unlimited". For this purpose, please order the corresponding product key as for the Professional Busmaster as a single device. For details, please refer to the information on the corresponding article or the commissioning instructions for the Professional Busmaster. The article for ordering further activations is linked at the very bottom.
  • Range up to 400 m: The Professional Busmaster is optimised for a high number of slaves at a long range. With clean installation in a line, 80 slaves can be operated over 400 m. Per channel
  • ElabNET Plug'n'Play: All 1-Wire devices from ElabNET are automatically recognised by the Timberwolf server. The server automatically creates a time series after detection
  • Bus master management: ElabNET bus masters as well as couplers are automatically recognised after plugging in. No configuration necessary. Display and upload of firmware via frontend
  • Bus master statistics: Bus master serial number, channel designations can be entered, display of activation, display of current use, display of bus quality with recommended action, display of bus quality history, display of bus utilisation, display of runtime / start time of driver software (all per channel).
  • 1-Wire slave management: Connected 1-Wire slaves are automatically detected and displayed in a convenient administration. Display of 1-wire ID, slave type, chip, assignment to the 1-wire device (partly changeable), TAGs for arbitrary grouping by the user, display of the available raw values of the slaves (register values).
  • 1-Wire device management: 1-Wire devices are groupings of several slaves into one assembly. ElabNET 1-Wire devices are automatically recognised as connected by Plug'n'Play. A super multi-sensor is therefore recognised as a coherent unit and displayed with all its properties (temperature, rel. and abs. humidity, dew point, ambient light, IOs). You as the customer do not have to worry about which and how many slaves such a super multi-sensor consists of.
  • Automatic sensor characteristics: All characteristic curves and formulas of the sensor elements installed in the ElabNET 1-Wire for calculating the physical values are stored and automatically integrated via Plug'n'Play.
  • 1-Wire device statistics: Display of statistics for functioning devices, new devices, active rules, faulty devices, faulty rules, inactive rules, VOC sensors in warm-up, deleted devices.
  • Real-time display of measured values: The measured values of the 1-Wire units can be displayed in real time, including updates.
  • Free configuration of 1-Wire rules: A rule includes a measured value, its interval, measured value conversion, offset, statistical evaluation, forwarding filter, any number of target objects of any different bus systems.
  • Any intervals for each rule: Any intervals from 1 second to several hours can be generated for each rule. Independent of other rules.
  • Value conversion of temperatures: All term temperatures can be output in degrees Celsius, in degrees Fahrenheit or in Kelvin.
  • Any number of rules per measured value: Any number of different rules can be set up for each measured value.
  • Each rule comprises a measured value incl. offset calculation, statistical
  • Change rules during operation: Each rule can be changed and restarted individually. No influence on other rules and no restart of an engine. All changes immediately go into continuous operation when activated.
  • Pause rules: The created rules can be paused individually and independently of other rules - for example, for maintenance work. A statistical display in the status bar draws attention to this.

Service, Updates & Upgrades

  • Manual, Knowledge Base: Manuals and knowledge base are available in our knowlege base.
  • Support Forum: You can get help almost around the clock in our very friendly support forum. support forum
  • Firmware Update (FOTA): All updates free of charge for life, without a maintenance contract. Simple and convenient at the touch of a button, encrypted via the Internet.
  • Long-term upgrade: Free upgrade to new features for two years from purchase. Later upgrades can be purchased individually or with optional Timberwolf Care.
  • Roadmap Warranty: We also guarantee free upgrades to all features on the roadmap that was in effect at the time of purchase, even if released late
  • Optional additional warranty: We offer an optional full warranty with free replacement in the event of a defect with Timberwolf Care from performance level Silver onwards





The KNX Stack has been certified by an accredited laboratory of the KNX Association. It is one of the most powerful KNX stacks on the world market with 32 bits, up to 8000 universal objects at 16,000 associations and 25 simultaneous IP tunnels at highest telegram throughput.

For the configuration of the Timberwolf Server you need the ETS 5 or newer. With ETS 5, 2000 KNX objects associated with up to 32,000 group addresses can currently be programmed in the Timberwolf Server. We are working with the KNX Association on an extension to 8000 KNX objects with 65,536 associated group addresses.


The KNX Stack has been certified by an accredited laboratory of the KNX Association. It is one of the most powerful KNX stacks on the world market with 32 bits, up to 8000 universal objects with 16,000 associations and 25 simultaneous IP tunnels at highest telegram throughput.


  • Timberwolf Server 950Q
  • Power supply unit 12V / 10 W for top-hat rail
  • 1 x LAN cable, assembled, without shielding (avoid ground loop)


Design & Assembly

  • Type of construction: REG housing, width 6 TE
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, approx. 2.5 W (power supply unit with 10 W included in delivery)
  • Mounting: For mounting in electrical distributions (clipping onto the top-hat rail). The Timberwolf Server 950Q is only suitable for permanent installation in closed, dry rooms, flats, offices and business premises for permanent connection to building system technology.

Processors & Memory

  • Board: Timberwolf 9xx Series by ElabNET
  • Main Processor: 4 cores ARM Cortex A9, 4 x 800 MHz, 1 MB L2 cache.
  • HW watchdog: integrated in chipset.
  • Co-processor DMX: Co-processor for DMX with soft dimming.
  • Co-processor 1-Wire: CoProcessor for 1-Wire on three channels for optimal timing and directory search.
  • Crypto processor: 2 Crypto processors for full encryption Mass storage (Flash) & for PBM activation.
  • Main memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Mass Storage: 16 GB pSLC eMMC Flash (Endurance: 480 TBW) - Fully encrypted.
  • Backup Flash: 16 GB pSLC Industrial Grade Flash (Endurance: 240 TBW), backups are encrypted.


  • KNX TP 256: KNX twisted pair connection
  • RS-485: 2 x RS-485 (for either 2 x DMX or 1 x DMX   1 x Modbus RTU)
  • RS-232: for serial communication (future use)
  • CAN: for extension bus (future use for connection of extensions)
  • 1-Wire: Integrated Professonal Busmaster with three channels, basic activation for 1 x 40 1-Wire slaves included*.
  • Gigabit Ethernet: 10 / 100 / 1000 MBit/s (full duplex with autonegotiation)
  • USB 2.0: Host interface for extensions
  • Mounting: For mounting on the top-hat rail in electrical distributions.

The Professional Busmaster integrated in the Timberwolf Server 950 is delivered with a basic activation for channel 1 with up to 40 slaves. Further activations can be ordered separately with the article "Product key extension", which is linked in the product list at the end.
Supplementary note on the integrator and industrial versions of this Timberwolf: In these versions, all 1-Wire channels are activated without limitation. The maximum number of possible 1-Wire slaves and the achievable bus length depend on the construction of the slaves and the design of the cabling as well as the topology. Please observe the information in the 1-Wire planning manual or in the commissioning instructions for the Professional Server.


Operating range / power supply:

  • Protection class (according to EN 60529): IP 20
  • Operating temperature: 0°C - 50°C
  • Power supply: 12 V DC (power supply unit with 10 W for top-hat rail included in delivery)
  • Power consumption: 2 - 4 W
  • Energy consumption: approx. 22 kWh per year (approx. 6 EUR operating costs per year)


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