1-Wire Professional Bus Master PBM01-USB


1-Wire Professional Bus Master PBM01-USB

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World's best multi bus master for digital 1-wire sensor networks. The Professional Busmaster contains three independent busmasters in one housing. Optimum adaptation of performance through activation in eight possible stages, even retroactively.

Compared to the widely used Maxim DS9490R bus master, the Professional Busmaster PRO KANAL supports at least four times more 1-Wire slaves with up to four times the cable length at the same time. This is made possible by special impedance matching, special filter elements, adaptive timing and the integrated 1-Wire bus master co-processor developed in-house. The three channels can be used independently of each other. Taken together, the Professional Busmaster enables approx. 48 times the line capacity of the DS9490R. Up to four Professional Busmasters can be operated in parallel on the Timberwolf server.


  • Field of application: Multi-Busmaster for 1-Wire sensor and actuator networks. Considerable acceleration with simultaneous relief of the host software by means of a device-internal processor for low-level tasks such as address search.
  • Host adapter: This 1-Wire bus master is a host adapter and only works together with a host on which suitable 1-Wire software is installed.
  • Compatible software: Our Timberwolf servers and the previously offered WireGate server are suitable for control. Other servers with OWFS (One Wire File System) can control the Professional Busmaster.
  • Plug'n'Play: The Professional Busmaster is automatically recognised and integrated by our servers. Simply plug it in
  • Intended use: In closed, dry rooms, flats, offices and business premises when mounted on the top-hat rail.


Construction & Mounting

  • Construction: H-series, REG housing with 4 TE width, colour pure white (similar to RAL9010)
  • Mounting: In dry residential and business premises, mounting on top-hat rail
  • Dimensions: 105 x 68 x 58 mm

Channels, range, slaves

  • 1-Wire channels: The PBM contains three independent 1-Wire channels, each channel behaves like a separate 1-Wire bus master.
  • Range: Each channel supports a range* of up to 400 m, with a very good topology and few slaves even up to 500 m.
  • 1-wire slaves: On each channel the Professional Busmaster supports up to 120 slaves* (with very good topology). In total over all three channels, up to 400 slaves are possible.
  • Parasitic power supply: approx. 7000 uA or 700 LE (load units) per channel (more than sufficient for all scenarios).

    *The maximum number of supported slaves and the achievable bus length depend on the selected activation at the respective channel, on the topology, the construction and design of the cabling as well as on the design of the respective slaves. The values mentioned are achieved with appropriate activation (enabling), linear arrangement, cleanly executed cabling and in connection with our 1-Wire devices of the Professional Line. For detailed information, please refer to the Professional Busmaster manual.

Displays & Operation

  • LED PWR / Comm: Indication of operational readiness and communication status (four statuses, Please refer to the instructions for details).
  • LED Error: Indication of the error type by light and flashing signals (six states, please refer to the instructions for details).
  • Web interface: The controlling servers display further information depending on the type. In the web APP of the Timberwolf server, the activation and use of each channel as well as the corresponding bus load and bus quality are displayed. Please refer to the instructions for screenshots and explanations.
  • Operation: There is nothing to set up on the Timberwolf Server (or the previously available WireGate Server). The Professional Busmaster and its activation is automatically recognised after it is plugged in and automatically integrated into the system. All connected slaves are recognised and also integrated.

Robust and future-proof system design

  • Connections: Connections for supply voltage and the 1-wire channels with robust and pluggable screw terminals.
  • LED Error: Indication of the error type by light and flashing signals (six status messages, please refer to the instructions for details)
  • Printing: Clear printing of the connections for error-free assignment.
  • Wide input voltage range: 10 to 24 V DC, energy consumption only approx. 180 mW (47 ct / year)
  • Short-circuit proof: All outputs and inputs are short-circuit-proof (error indication via LED).
  • Overvoltage protection: Extended overvoltage protection with 30 kV / 25 A (4/20 us) at each connection
  • Future-proof: Later extensions possible through simple on-site activations
  • Always suitable: Always the right power through 8 different activations for the same unit. This simplifies production and stock-keeping and enables efficient pricing. Power can thus easily grow with the installation.
  • Warranty: 3 years unlimited warranty in addition to the statutory warranty. Warranty statement below.

Automated commissioning

  • Complete unit: The unit is fully assembled, each channel has been factory tested, the PBM is securely packaged.
  • Plug'n'Play with Timberwolf Server: No configuration necessary. Just plug it into the USB and supply it with power. The PBM is automatically recognised and integrated into the system. The web APP of the Timberwolf Server provides extensive statistics.
  • Plug'n'Play with WireGate Server: No configuration necessary. Just plug it into the USB and supply it with power. The PBM is automatically recognised and integrated into the system.
  • Set up on third-party servers: Freeware servers that support 1-Wire mainly use the open source project "OWFS" (One Wire File System). The code for controlling the PBM was developed by us and is integrated in the OWFS. The activation of the channels can also be done in the OFWS. An automatic recognition and set-up of the PBM is usually not included in third-party servers. System knowledge may be required to integrate via USB.
  • Instructions: Under Downloads we provide installation instructions and commissioning instructions.


Planning and layout of 1-Wire system

  • Layout of a single-family house: We recommend one 1-Wire channel per floor, plus one channel each for the sensors on the heating system and for the garden and outbuildings. For more extensive installations, three to six channels are optimal for a single-family house with several floors, garage, etc.
  • Design commercial & industry: Please plan with one channel per 40 to 60 sensors for each bus. Consider one channel per floor and separately for outdoor installations. In the case of several buildings / larger halls, please provide for a separate server for each building. In the case of larger halls, you should provide several servers incl. bus masters for the respective segments to be supplied.


Optimal sequence

  • Server update: We recommend updating the server first. The firmware of the Professional bus master is automatically updated by the server after it is plugged in.
  • Power supply / USB: Connect the Professional bus master to 12 to 24 V DC and to the server with USB.
  • 1-Wire devices: Now connect the 1-Wire bus with the 1-Wire devices to the channels. All 1-Wire devices from ElabNET are automatically recognised and integrated by the Timberwolf server. The server automatically starts recording all sensor values after they have been connected.
  • Linking with other bus systems: Further parameterisation (communication with KNX, ModBUS etc.) is carried out via browser on the Timberwolf Server.

The Timberwolf Server supports you through the interactive interface with extensive statistics, value and error displays (please see screenshots above). For further information on installation and commissioning, please refer to the commissioning instructions (under Downloads).



In order to be able to use 1-Wire components, suitable control software is required in addition to the 1-Wire bus master and the cabling.

Timberwolf Server

All models of the Timberwolf Server automatically recognise the Professional Busmaster and all 1-Wire devices connected to it from our company. Plugging in is enough. Several Professional Busmasters can be connected simultaneously via USB. Each of the connected busmasters can be easily activated - even at a later date. The server provides extensive statistics and displays. This makes 1-Wire the easiest IoT protocol to use, because the Timberwolf server automatically recognises and sets it up. Further configurations, such as flexible polling cycles and sending the values obtained from 1-Wire to KNX, Modbus, MQTT, UDP and many more, require only a few clicks.

WireGate Server

The WireGate Server was introduced to the market by us in 2009 and sold until 2018. The Professional Busmaster is automatically recognised. All sensors developed by us up to 2018 are also automatically integrated. In contrast to the Timberwolf Server, however, the WireGate Server allows values to be sent to KNX and UDP and also only one common query cycle.

External systems

The direct control of the Professional Busmaster has been included in OWFS since 2016. This means that the PBM can be controlled by third-party systems with OWFS. The integration in USB must be effected manually if necessary. OWFS is only a driver software (similar to a graphics card driver). The reading of the sensors, the calculation on the basis of the sensor characteristics, the recording of the values obtained and the forwarding to other bus systems must be effected by further software. Due to the variety of possible system configurations, we cannot provide support for use with third-party systems and ask for your understanding.

Note for use with OpenHAB: According to feedback from our customers, the Professional Busmaster PBM01 can be operated on OpenHAB. Please contact the OpenHAB support forum if you have any questions.

No direct use with Windows: The driver software OWFS is only available for Linux. To our knowledge, there is no driver for Windows.

Use with Loxone / IPS: The Professional Busmaster PBM cannot be operated on and with these systems.


The Professional Busmaster is maintenance-free. All activations are permanently stored in the Professional Busmaster itself. When switching to another server, the activations are thus still available.


We grant a durability guarantee for the product described above to the extent described below.

Our warranty service consists exclusively of the fact that, in the event of a defect  occurring within the warranty period  in  the  functioning  at  our  discretion  the  for  the  first end-user  free of charge  repair  the  product  or  a  free of charge  replacement delivery of a corresponding or similar and equivalent bus master. Costs, expenses, postage and the like incurred by the warranty claimant shall not be reimbursed. The warranty claim is only valid against presentation of the product.

The warranty period is 3 years and begins on the day of handover to the customer.

Legal information in the case of a guarantee promise in accordance with § 477  BGB (German Civil Code): Irrespective of this manufacturer's warranty and of whether or not the warranty described above is invoked in the event of a warranty claim, the statutory rights in respect of defects shall apply without restriction. Therefore, the legally regulated buyer's rights due to defects of the purchased goods - in particular supplementary performance, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price - can be exercised at the buyer's own discretion in addition to or even without asserting the warranty claims.The buyer may therefore, at his own free choice, assert against the seller, in addition to or without asserting warranty claims, the legally regulated buyer's rights due to defects of the purchased item - in particular subsequent performance, rescission, reduction of the purchase price or damages (see § 437 BGB and the corresponding special limitation provisions in § 438 BGB).


Connection & Dimensions

  • Construction: REG series installation housing with 4 TE width; colour pure white (similar to RAL9010)
  • Dimensions: 105 x 68 x 58 mm (l x w x h; with screw terminals, without top-hat rail).

Connections for power supply and 1-wire bus

  • Type: Screw terminal in individually pluggable strip
  • Material: Polyamide; Flame retardant UL94 V0, insulation group I
  • Rated surge voltage (terminal): Overvoltage category III / 4 kV
  • Rated voltage (terminal): Overvoltage category III / 250 V
  • Rated current (terminal): 12 A
  • Cross-section of rigid conductor: 0.2 - 2.5 mm²
  • Cross-section with 2 rigid conductors: 0.2 - 1 mm² (only if both conductors have the same cross-section)
  • Cross-section of flexible conductors: 0.2 - 2.5 mm²
  • Cross-section of flexible conductor with ferrule: 0.2 - 2.5 mm²
  • Stripping length: 7 mm
  • Screw thread: M3
  • Tightening torque: 0.5 - 0.6 N m
  • Connection terminal Power supply: 2 pole
  • Connection terminal 1- WIre Bus: 3 pole (per channel)
  • Arrangement: On the lowest level, above and below the unit.

Connection USB Host

  • Type: USB 2.0 B (square socket)
  • Arrangement: On top
  • Overvoltage protection USB port: 25 kV

Power supply

  • Power supply: 12 to 24 V (DC)
  • Power consumption: approx. 180 mW
  • Energy costs: approx. 47 ct / year

Operating range / protection class

  • Ambient temperature: 0 °C to 45°C
  • Maximum humidity: <95 % rH, non-condensing
  • Insulation resistance: >100 MOhm, at 20 °C (500 V DC)
  • Protection class: III / SELV (according to EN 60730)
  • Protection class: IP 20 (according to EN 60529)

Mounting / Range of application

  • Installation: The Professional Busmaster is exclusively suitable for fixed installation in and on buildings and for fixed connection to building system technology. Preferred installation in switch cabinets on DIN top-hat rail.
  • Suitability: In conjunction with separate driver software for controlling up to 90 1-Wire devices (approx. up to 400 slaves) - depending on activation.
  • Please note when mounting: Installation may only be carried out by a suitable specialist. The module contains components that are sensitive to breakage. Avoid impact and mechanical pressure on the module during installation and operation.

Necessary software

The Professional Busmaster does not function autonomously (just as a graphics card does not function on its own). Both driver software and application software are necessary for operation.

  • Driver: The control of the Professional Busmaster is included in the OWFS software. This is recommended by us. If you want to use the Professional Busmaster with your own software, please read the corresponding part of the source code in the OWFS (on Github).
  • Application: For reading out the values of the 1-Wire sensors or setting the values in the connected 1-Wire actuators, software is required that takes over the control via OWFS. The Professional Busmaster and all the sensors we offer are tested with the Timberwolf Server. This makes it possible to record the values in a time series and send them to other bus systems such as KNX, Modbus, MQTT etc. with just a few clicks.

Note for use with OpenHAB: According to tests by our customers, the Professional Busmaster PBM01 with OWFS can be operated together with OpenHAB. Please contact the OpenHAB support forum if you have any questions.

No direct use with Windows: The driver software OWFS is only available for Linux. To our knowledge there is no driver for Windows. With Linux, very low-energy and yet powerful servers can be operated with an energy consumption of only a few watts. Those who still need the measured values under Windows: The WireGate server can also send sensor measurements via UDP / IP to Windows servers for further processing.

Use with Loxone / IPS: The Professional Busmaster PBM cannot be operated on and with these systems.

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