Up-to-date information on Corona

Updated on 30 July 2021

Dear customers, we would like to inform you here about the current status, whether and to what extent the current worldwide pandemic has an impact on the production, delivery and service of our products:


  • Local supply chain: We produce in Germany and our component warehouse is well stocked. We source about a third of all components from Germany. Our vertical integration is very high and there is little dependence on complex supply chains.
  • Production undisturbed:Although we are currently producing in shifts to reduce the number of employees meeting each other, production is not disturbed.
  • Daily delivery: We continue to deliver daily from Monday to Friday.
  • Delivery of parcels: Our shipping service provider DHL has adjusted the delivery to keep the distance. There may be slight delays in international shipping. We have details of this for you on our page with customer information on national and international shipping.
  • Service: Our customer service works mainly from the home office and can be reached via eMail and telephone under the known connections.
  • Repair:We test and repair all products in our manufacturing facility in Germany. There are no special delays here either. Only in the outward and return shipping, it could come to slightly longer delivery times.


Active protection against virus transmission is a top priority everywhere at the moment and both we and the shipping companies we use have taken precautions. In the following, we inform you about the changes in the shipping process:

Shipping continues Monday to Friday
We continue to ship daily from Monday to Friday.

Changes in the delivery of parcel shipments
Shipping companies want to minimise face-to-face contact between delivery staff and customers

  • No receipt: Many shipping service providers do not require the recipient to acknowledge receipt of the parcel himself. Instead, the delivery person acknowledges the handover / deposit. This should always be done in your presence.
  • Alternative deposit location:Almost all shipping service providers offer the deposit of the parcel at a location previously named by the recipient ("garage contract") instead of the personal parcel acceptance. Please consider carefully whether you grant the shipping service provider such a parking permit, because you as the recipient are responsible for any loss after the parcel has been deposited, as it is then deemed to have been delivered. Experience shows that it is difficult for the recipient to prove to the shipping service provider that the deposit was not correct or in the correct place. We therefore recommend that you do NOT issue a delivery permit. The same applies to delivery to the "desired neighbour". Instead, choose shipping to a DHL Packstation.
  • International shipments: For international shipments, the handover procedure of the local delivery agent may differ, please check with your local delivery agent. Please note the additional information below

Delays in shipping process due to Covid-19 pandemic

  • Shipments within the EU: International shipments may experience transit time delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These may be caused by changes in the transport process (e.g. border controls), in international transport (e.g. omission of air connections previously used for transport) and also in the delivery in the destination country (e.g. protective regulations and quarantine measures).
  • Updated notice for delivery to business addresses abroad: When delivering items addressed to business addresses abroad (e.g. companies, retailers, authorities, shopping centres, etc.), problems may arise due to official measures (e.g. ordered business closures). It may not be possible to deliver such items or to inform the addressee that they can be collected from a parcel shop. This may result in delays and unwanted returns. Please make sure to provide a delivery address to which delivery can be made.
  • Current information:For current information, please check the information about current restrictions on DHL's page for international letter and parcel shipping.

Restrictions on International Shipping outside Europe

International shipments outside the EU: For international shipments outside Europe, there are occasional shipping restrictions or shipping limitations. The situation changes daily, so please refer to the information on DHL's international letter and parcel shipping page at the following link: impact on shipping and delivery by Deutsche Post DHL due to the Corona Pandemic