Information on advice and support

Updated on 28. August 2021

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Our quality management system is audited annually by TÜV Süd in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. An important aspect of quality is competent, customised advice. Tell us your task and we will check for you whether we are the right partner for it.

To ensure that you really receive competent information, you will not speak to a salesperson or a student in the call centre, but you will be advised directly by our technicians from development and support, who know the products very well. So that we can schedule the right technician for your consultation, please send us a brief e-mail at sales at and tell us your request, the basic topic and your contact details and when we can best reach you.

We are interested in your satisfaction and do not mince our words when advising you. Get in touch with us and you will receive unvarnished information about your concerns. For a first impression of our support and our products, you can also visit our support forum at If you are interested in the experiences of our customers, you can also ask your questions or present your project there.

You are welcome to contact us by phone on 08092 25792-40:

  • Monday: 10:00 Clock - 12:00 Clock , 14:00 Clock - 17:00 Clock
  • Tuesday: 10:00 Clock - 12:00 Clock , 14:00 Clock - 17:00 Clock
  • Wednesday: 10:00 Clock - 12:00 Clock , 14:00 Clock - 17:00 Clock
  • Thursday: 10:00 Clock - 12:00 Clock , 14:00 Clock - 17:00 Clock
  • Friday: 10:00 Clock - 12:00 Clock , 14:00 Clock - 15:00 Clock
  • Or by arrangement
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Link to the ElabNET support forum:

The quickest and easiest way to clarify questions about performance features, operation, planning and design of our products is with the community. This knowledge base grows by more than 1200 contributions every month. Let the swarm intelligence help you, come to our support forum at

In our forum you will meet the best advisors. Thousands of customers with years of experience, as well as our support staff, developers and management. Here you can get in touch with the entire knowledge base of our products. 24 hours a day. Our recommendation: Use the forum, here you will get the fastest answer.

Please present your projects in the forum, discuss your ideas with all of us and ask anything that interests you. And please, no false shame, there are no stupid questions. The tone in our forum is extremely friendly, customer-oriented and characterised by a great willingness to help.

Tip: There is also a closed area in the forum for testers of the Insider Version. If you would like to know what the Timberwolf Server will be able to do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, please first register in the forum and then write a short email to support at wiregate dot de stating that you would like to receive access to the closed insider area as an interested party. Within 24 hours you will be activated by us and can read about the new features we are working on with our test customers. Really, you should not miss out on this.


Link to the Knowledge Base:

If you want to know something in detail, then the Knowledge Base is the right place for you. All important details, tips and tricks are summarised here on an ongoing basis. Visit the Knowledge Base:

A team of the support community writes the most important articles from all the important contributions in the forum, i.e. everything that is valuable, helpful and worth reading. This results in a constant stream of very good articles with good explanations, many tips and tricks and "best practices". So you don't have to dig through thousands of forum articles, because the KB already has a good summary of everything that's important. Soon also in a hierarchical and very searchable wiki format. Take a look and be inspired by what is possible with our products and especially with the Timberwolf Server.


Link to the guide:

You have ordered a Timberwolf Server? Congratulations, you have the most modern and powerful server for the Smarthome. Now you want to put it into operation. This is very easy and much faster with a good manual. For this purpose, we have created the guide for you, it guides you through the commissioning and the continuing topics. Including videos with quick and efficient explanations.

Just follow this guide, it explains the first start-up, how to connect to the server via browser, how to integrate the server into your KNX project and how to use the running bus recording and its graphical analysis. Here you will also find all the links to quick start guides, tutorial videos and articles in the Knowledge Base. You will see, it really is quite simple.

Please also use the constantly supplemented and extended offline help in the user interface of the Timberwolf Server. There you will find a very good overview of the respective features and many tips & tricks including selected links to the Knowledge Base and the online user manual. In addition, the Timberwolf Server provides you with a lot of detailed information and helpful texts via "mouseover" in the user interface. Please click (or tap) on value displays or labels. You will be very surprised how much additional information you will get there on operating states including suggestions for action. This is part of our product philosophy, we want to make it as easy as possible for you with our products. You will feel like you are in a modern cockpit.